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Anderson Memorial Homes includes Family Owned & Operated Funeral Homes in Crest Hill/Plainfield, Romeoville, and Lockport (Anderson-Goodale Memorial Chapel). We also privately own and operate Heartland Cremation Services. The Heartland Cremation crematory is located on-site at our Memorial Chapel in Romeoville. Our professional and certified staff are there to assist you and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to serve your needs and answer your important questions in real-time. 

Cremation is growing as a choice for disposition. The reasons are varied, including environmental concerns, religious observances and changing norms within some faiths that now recognize cremation in funeral rites, and economic concerns. Regardless of how people and their families come to a decision for disposition (temporary or final), Anderson Memorial Homes stand ready to provide the service option of Cremation, along with all of the other service options available. In every instance, we provide dignified and professional service and maintain full care and custody of your loved one through the entire process. As with any professional service, Cremation is not the same everywhere. 

As you begin to consider Cremation, it's important to be very discerning about what services are offered, what the cost is, and what exactly is included in the cost being offered. This is especially true in the case of online shopping for Cremation Services. There are numerous sources that can be identified by internet search engines. Many of these services are strategically attempting to be the "least expensive" source. In so doing, they may not be providing a full explanation of what the entire cost will be when the service is completed. It's worth a bit of research to ensure the "care and custody" of your loved one is of utmost concern in the process. 

Some important considerations for the Cremation Service: their history and background, experience, location, and amenities. 

Some questions to consider:  

Do they own their own facility or are they merely operating a website and office from their home (or elsewhere) which may not include proper licenses or insurance? 

Are they connected to your community? 

Where will your loved one be transported to following a death? 

Who will perform the actual Cremation? 

Lowest cost almost always means limited facilities, a broad service area, and high volume. 

Heartland Cremation Services offer all types of cremation services to include immediate services, memorial (tribute) services designed to commemorate ones unique life and traditional services with cremation to include services at our memorial home's, at one church or other locations and permanent memorization to include cemeteries, an inurnment columbarium or scattering services. Our facilities are easily accessible located in residential settings with retail needs close by and includes warm foyers to greet you, spacious and comfortable chapel/memorial rooms, appropriate office and conference rooms and cafeteria style kitchens as well as ample parking. 

If you are considering Cremation Services, please contact us at 815-577-5250 for a complimentary, no obligation consultation on prices and services available. Entrusting us with your loved one is a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously. We will accept the obligation to provide care and custody of your loved one through the entire service. 





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